Erotic massage can be interesting for everyone who wants to try something new. I`ve always been the type that likes to try new things and always experiment, so if I had the opportunity to go for an erotic massage, I would immediately take advantage of it. Erotic massage is something that a lot of people don`t talk about, and society has it set up that it`s just a topic that shouldn`t be talked about much, which I honestly don`t understand. Even eroticism is a part of life and it`s a completely normal thing. We often let people set our boundaries. But first of all, we should determine them ourselves, because we are the ones who set them.


We should not let ourselves be talked into what we do at any cost. What we do is only our business (that is, if we do not threaten others in some way). It still boggles my mind why people condemn erotic massage. I don`t see anything wrong with her at all, quite the opposite. Erotic massage is something that relaxes a person, takes him to another dimension. It often helps him in self-awareness of his body. He knows what he likes and what he doesn`t. And the excitement and enthusiasm of trying something new runs through him. But that`s totally fine. The main thing is that it is a useful thing that will move a person somewhere further.


If I were to speak for myself, I definitely recommend erotic massage bratislava and let everyone say what they want. You are in control of your life and if someone doesn`t understand that, it`s their fault. You just have to learn to ignore what anyone tells you. A lot of people will claim that erotic massage is a bad thing and compare it to a private massage, but they are two quite different things. Don`t hesitate to try erotic massage, because you will not regret it. Be 100 % sure and don`t hear another people.